Our Services

If you are running business, your days should be spent proactively on your business plans and strategies. If you find you are overwhelming with inventory and personal issues instead, what does this mean to your business and its future? At POS, we handle routine, recurring transactions as well as complex processes. We believe that back office efficiencies are key to drive profitability. We forge strong client relationships and commit to deliver quality of outcome. So you will spend your days doing what you do best. Currently, we have two (2) broad product offerings:

High-volume Transaction Processing

We offer cost-effective, high-volume, functional transaction processing capabilities. Typically these solutions are provided in a shared service center environment, using our own-developed applications. Typically offering are in the following as

  • Payroll
  • General Ledger - Monthly closing books of accounts

Finance Operations Management

In this product offering we assume responsibility for managing multiple processes within the finance areas. This includes

  • the potential re-design of the process;
  • managing transaction processing and routine/strategic reporting; and
  • management of function or processes

Typically offering are in the following as:

  • Payables & disbursement;
  • Billings & Collections; and
  • Other supporting processes i.e. cash forecasting, analysis and paperwork

In addition, we also provide services to support in manage multiple processes within the back office areas. Typical offering include corporate secretarial services.

POS product sheet is available

POS product sheets provides an overview of our services offered and client value delivered. The product sheet is available in a ready-to-print PDF format.

  • Accounting Services
  • Payroll Services
  • Payables&Disbursement
  • Billings & Collections

More details on our services and benefits, you may contact us through the following link