Payroll Services

Organizations today realize that employees are the back-bone of the enterprise and hence it is imperative that employee processes, especially those impacting employee relations and employee satisfaction need to be managed well. You need skill resources, process and system that can provide accurate and secure information within the time limit. That’s what we do best. Receipt and analysis of payroll data (include employees’ time attendance data)

Payroll Services

  • Tax calculations
  • Reporting and payment of payroll tax
  • Issuing payment (via check or electronic payment) and report to employees
  • Issuing payment to third parties (for example, fund manager, revenue department, social security office) and report data to end user

Personal records and Benefits Administration

  • Leave tracking
  • Maintaining employee personal data
  • Monitoring and maintaining employees’ benefit administration works such as medical allowance, etc.

We help You Your Benefits
Improved Costs Predictability
  • Our share service center give clients access to current technology without having to purchase it on their own.
  • We make it easy for clients to keep up with the newest technologies through our alliances with today’s leading technology providers.
Improve Business Performance
  • We allow companies to focus more time and resources on the core business- the things that differentiate them from their competitions.
  • We act as a strategic business partner to deliver proven process and technology to achieve excellence in the client’s payroll operations.
  • Improved delivery of strategic information for decision making.
  • We bring performance management and data warehouse capabilities to our clients
  • We offer service level agreements to ensure proper risk management and quality controls are in place for clients.
Get Sensitive Issues Outside the Office Personnel records and payroll must be kept confidential. This requirement often forces the senior manager to personally do this work. And, in a foreign subsidiary, the records and reports must be bilingual. Outsourcing solves this problem.
Comply with law and regulations We help you to ensure all payroll related compliance Withholding tax filings

  • Social security
  • Provident fund
  • Workmen 's compensation fund

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Payroll Sales