Approach & Methodology

Approach & Methodology

We believe that in order to achieve and sustain superior business performance, an organization must fully align all components of its business: Strategy, People, Process and Technology. We call this approach Business Integration.

  • Develop and communicate a strategy that becomes a set of common goals for all components of the business; monitor progress with measurable performance indicators;
  • Align processes around delivery of customer service; eliminate non-value-added activities and enable continuous improvement;
  • Apply technology to create flexible computing architectures to handle tomorrow’s “unknown” business requirements through standardization and flexibility;
  • Create a high-performance organization; empower your people and develop an organizational structure that facilitates communication and productivity

At POS, we recognize that there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. It takes the right combination of people, process, technology, and strategy for your particular business needs. Our solutions are structured to make that possible. The following summaries the four (4) components essential to developing an integrate and customized outsourcing solution.


  • The first and most important step is deciding if outsourcing is right for your company. POS has extensive knowledge and experience in developing strategic outsourcing solutions that are aligned with your company’s strategy.

  • Defining your company’s overall business strategy includes identifying your core competencies, those vital business processes at which your organization excels and which are the source of your competitive advantage.


  • Broad and deep capabilities to bring you the right people to design, implement and operate your business processes efficiently.

  • We has extensive experience in supporting outsourcing ventures and addressing all people-related aspects of the deal.


  • Transaction processing in our share service center results in a value added and cost effective solution by leveraging resources across common processes and technology.

  • Extensive experience in managing your finance , accounting and HR matters ranging from regulatory compliance and complex issues to transaction processing and month-end close procedures.


  • Years of experience with major software packages and a proven software selection process ensures quick identification of the right for our clients.

  • Strategic alliances with major enterprise solution providers help us stay at the forefront in terms of product knowledge. Our implementation methodology enables us to incorporate product knowledge, your business processes, and our own business experience to develop tailored solutions to accommodate your needs.